Clever Ways to Attract More People to Your Exhibition Stand

The exhibition is a marketing process where the organizers invite hundreds of exhibitors to display their products and services and collaborate with new partners and associates. The best advantage of an exhibition is that you market your products and services to thousands of people attending the exhibition. It is a super creative marketing strategy. 

How do you attract potential visitors to your exhibition stall or kiosk? 

Well, there are several ways to attract visitors to your exhibition stand. Some of them are as given below. Let us explore them in detail below. 

  • Pre-marketing using social media platforms
  • Sending exhibition invitations and notifications to the group of people you want to attend
  • Attach the details of the exhibition in your email signature, status, and other communications
  • Displaying the details of the exhibition on your website
  • Announce your brand’s presence through both digital and paper advertisements. 
  • Hire someone who can speak multiple languages to explain your products and services to people. 
  • Be friendly and polite to the visitors
  • Give them a live demo, sample package, or print media. 
  • Have your sales pitch ready
  • Prepare and keep enough promotional materials handy
  • Be quick to collect details of your customers and hand over your business card
  • Send quick thank you messages or emails soon after the exhibition closes
  • Use digital boards or other audio tools to engage visitors
  • Get a good stall manufactured or custom-made
  • Let your exhibition stall be unique and welcoming
  • Gift your souvenirs to visitors

Go through the extra miles to build a stunning exhibition stand and attract visitors to the exhibition stand. Engage and create interactions to win visitors and turn them into customers. 

Proper preparation is the key to running a successful exhibition. Sending invitations in advance, promoting through all the social media and other channels, sending personal messages, using digital ads, etc., would help you attract visitors to the exhibition stand. 

How do you ultimately win the visitors? It is by interacting with them effectively and engaging them. Create an experience for them and raise curiosity in them. Use advanced tools to keep them busy and focused on your products and services. 

Use interactive tools and techniques like snapshots, selfie contests, Instagram reels, etc., to keep the visitors engaged. It allows you to create social connections with the visitors. 

The ultimate winning factor of attracting visitors to the exhibition stand is to create a theme and be different from the rest. Do not use old-fashioned exhibition stands. Use high-quality, modern, personalized, and theme-based stands from the best exhibition companies in Dubai. Use features like artificial grass, chairs, refreshments, etc., to keep them relaxed and focused. 

There are lots of things you can do to attract visitors to your exhibition stands. Remember to be sure about your sales pitch. Create an experience, and be polite and friendly to the visitors. 

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