How to plan a successful exhibition

Detailed planning is crucial to success. It is inevitable for conducting a successful exhibition too. A well-planned exhibition can create a lasting impression on visitors and enhances the traffic. It is not about whether you are conducting an exhibition or not. The success of your exhibition is what matters at the end of the day. Trade shows need to be carried out with a detailed plan of your event activities. This will open you to more business relations and leads. But the planning process can be exhausting as you need to cover a large checklist and a whole lot of processes before everything starts. This article will help you to turn your exhibition planning a wee bit easier by providing 5 easy steps to your exhibition.

  1. Set your event goals

Setting event goals is the primary thing that you have to deal with while hosting an exhibition. You should have a clear idea of how things shall end and you have to plan and execute the whole event according to that. Take enough time to calculate what you want exactly and what you would like to accomplish. Here are some possible goals that you have to  focus on.

  • To create leads
  • To cement your brand identity
  • To increase your market presence and share
  • To launch a new product, event, or service


2. Review budget against actual expenditure

Review the financial records of your business from the last year. And set a budget initially. This will avoid wasting funds on unnecessary things. You can start the budget by booking an accurate space for the event. 

Here are some other supplies that you have to deal with while planning your budget.

  •  Promotion of the event: Spent an ample amount on the promotion of your event. The promotion has a major role in the success of the event. 
  •  The price of your space, tables, and electronics.
  •  Giveaways and competitions: Giveaways and competitions also increase the traffic to the event. So pre-plan a budget for them too.
  • Charge for transportation of the goods to and from the show.
  •  Make a clear budget for employees: Their meals, training, payment, and other expenditure will be included in this budget. 

3. Create an event schedule

Be super organized in conducting the exhibition. So, make a list of the events and their location, date, staff for each event, expenditure for each event, etc. Before everything, mark your events with a unique name.

  • Make the plan happen
  •  Arrange the venue strategically to allure the audience. 
  •  Choosing staff is crucial to your exhibition. Choose people who are talented enough to tackle with the visitors. 
  • Organize giveaways.
  •  Promote the exhibition enough to drive traffic. 
  • Create the display

Your exhibition remains incomplete without a great display. A great display is important in showcasing what you are. Big banners, visually compelling posters, lights, your slogan, motto, unique designs, etc also create a huge impact on the audience. 

Create a final checklist to cross-check everything that you’ve planned. An exhibition is a critical event in creating your brand awareness. So make it happen strategically and do not compromise in planning it well.

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